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Shortcuts in adobe photopea and photoshop online should be remembered #3


    Shortcuts in adobe photopea online and shortcuts adobe photoshop online is design software is a must and really need. When using adobe photopea or photoshop adobe, remembering the summary of keyboard shortcuts will help you.

    The article lists all the Shortcuts in adobe photopea software and adobe photoshop.

    Shortcuts in adobe photopea
    Shortcuts in adobe photopea

    What is the Shortcuts in adobe photopea?

    There are shortcuts in any working tool. They were created to support the fastest user work through keystrokes instead of using the mouse to move quite slowly.

    And there are some programs that require keyboard shortcuts because they can’t be done with a mouse click. Such as graphic design software and image processing when using shortcuts adobe photoshop as well as adobe photoshop.

    keyboard shortcuts adobe photopea
    keyboard shortcuts adobe photopea

    Benefits of using adobe photopea with keyboard shortcuts

    As mentioned above, the benefit of the job is that you maximize the speed by manipulating many times faster than clicking.

    Using photoshop online or any other software. It will be difficult to remember at first, it’s like you are learning a whole new language.

    But when it comes to manipulating, using keyboard shortcuts in pts will be a natural reflex in the unconscious without much thought.

    As for the next benefit … you look really professional and PRO in the eyes of the people around you. Because you appear to be more experienced at work through the way you use the software.

    Use photoshop online to pay attention.

    Summary of Shortcuts in adobe photopea will help you manipulate extremely fast and conveniently help accelerate the process of using as a file with PTS online.

    It includes the main PTS shortcut group. These are:

    • Group to open the working file
    • Group key to manipulate image layer.
    • Group directly on photos such as zoom in – zoom out, crop photos online, paste cropped pictures or choose colors, …
    • The last group used manipulation to draw with or as above group but more deeply interfered with the image.

    What are the keyboard shortcuts in adobe photopea?

    Shortcut to open File

    The first operation is the Shortcuts in adobe photopea to open the file.

    • Alt + Ctrl + N: Open the file.
    • Ctrl + O: Select a file from the PC.
    • Ctrl + S: Save the file.

    Group shortcut keys to manipulate layers

    Using photoshop online will very often use a set of keyboard shortcuts for image layers, this layer because they directly affect the image design intent.

    • Ctrl + J: Duplicate layer.
    • Ctrl + G: Layer group.
    • Shift + Ctrl +]: Put the layer on the top.
    • Shift + Ctrl + [: Move layer to bottom.
    • Ctrl +]: Move the layer on top of another layer.
    • Ctrl + [: Move the layer up and down to another layer.

    Common shortcuts adobe photoshop

    The shortcuts in the next photoshop when using photoshop online web are to zoom in, zoom out, cut and merge selections

    • Ctrl + “-” / “+”: Zoom in, zoom out (Zoom in / out)
    • Ctrl + Z: Return to the previous operation. Purpose if wrong, it will “turn back time” (undo). Press Ctrl + Z many times to go backward many steps. In Adobe software on your computer, use Ctrl + Alt + Z to “turn back time” many previous steps.
    • Ctrl + X: Cut the currently selected area.
    • Ctrl + C: Copy the currently selected area.
    • Ctrl + V: Paste (paste).
    • Ctrl + A: Select all.
    • Ctrl + D: Cancel the selection.
    • Ctrl + Shift + I: Invert the selected area to select the outer area.
    • Shift + F5: Fill the selected area with color. Follow the color scheme herecong cu pts 20 Shortcuts in photoshop to learn photoshop online fast # 3

    Quick keys for using photoshop online

    If you need to follow the color, move and make selections when using online photoshop. Then this is the group of tools you are looking for.

    • X (Switch Colors): Change the color palette of this one cong cu pts 20 Shortcuts in photoshop to learn photoshop online fast # 3.
    • D (Default colors): Reset the background and foreground above to default of PTS.
    • V (Move Tool): Move the currently selected layer or area.
    • M: Create a selection according to the available square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, …
    • L (Lasso Select): Make your own selection according to your preference and shape.
    • W (Quick selection): Create a quick selection of available algorithms (AI type self-cropping).
    • C (Crop tool): Crop cuts the entire file into another size. After using the “C” command to draw the crop area. You press Enter photoshop it done. (cut, not minimize).
    • I (eyedropper): Draw colors quickly in photoshop. Draw whatever color on the file you’re making to put incong cu pts 20 Shortcuts in photoshop to learn photoshop online fast # 3
    • J (spot healing Brush): Often used to remove acne in adobe photopea , wrinkles or whatever you want in the image.
    • B (Brush Tool): A brush to paint with.
    • S (Clone tool): Copy an image area, and paste it on another area. Usage: Press “S” key> press Atl key word> will see “+” sign. Left click to copy image area. Release the Atl key and the left mouse button. Drag to another area of ​​the photo. Left click. Accomplished!
    • E (Eraser Tool): eraser for erasing.
    • T (type tool): Insert text into photos in photoshop.

    All shortcuts adobe photoshop.

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    Shortcuts adobe photoshop cc 2020 of PC

    Draw marquee selection from center Alt–drag selection
    Add to a selection Shift
    Subtract from a selection Alt
    Intersect with a selection Shift–Alt
    Make copy of selection w/Move tool Alt–drag selection
    Make copy of selection when not in Move tool Ctrl–Alt–drag selection
    Move selection (in 1-pixel increments) Arrow keys
    Move selection (in 10-pixel increments) Shift–Arrow keys
    Select all opaque pixels on layer Ctrl–click on layer thumbnail (in Layers panel)
    Reselect last selection Ctrl–Shift–D
    Feather selection Shift–F6
    Move marquee while drawing selection Hold Spacebar while drawing marquee
    Fit on Screen Double–click on Hand tool or Ctrl–0
    100% View Level (Actual Pixels) Double–click on Zoom tool or Ctrl–1
    Zoom in Ctrl–Spacebar–click or Ctrl–Plus(+)
    Zoom out Alt–Spacebar–click or Ctrl–Minus(–)
    Hide/Show all tools and panels Tab
    Hide/Show all panels except Tools panel and Options bar Shift–Tab
    Cycle through full screen modes F
    Scroll image left or right in window Ctrl–Shift–Page Up/Down
    Jump/Zoom to part of Image Ctrl–drag in Navigator panel
    Toggle layer mask on/off as rubylith \
    Create new layer Ctrl–Shift–N
    Select non-contiguous layers Ctrl–click layers
    Select contiguous layers Click one layer, then Shift–click another layer
    Delete Layer Delete key (while in the Move tool)
    View contents of layer mask Alt–click layer mask icon
    Temporarily turn off layer mask Shift–click layer mask icon
    Clone layer as you move it Alt–drag
    Find/Select layer containing object Right–click on the object w/Move tool
    Change layer opacity Number pad keys (w/Move tool selected)
    Cycle down or up through blending modes Shift–Plus(+) or Minus(–)
    Change to a specific blending mode (w/Move tool) Shift–Alt–letter (i.e.: N=Normal, M=Multiply. etc.)
    Switch to layer below/above current layer Alt–[ or Alt–]
    Move layer below/above current layer Ctrl–[ or Ctrl–]
    Select all text on layer Double–click on T thumbnail in Layers panel
    Increase/Decrease size of selected text by 1 pt Ctrl–Shift–> or <
    Increase/Decrease size of selected text by 5 pts Ctrl–Shift–Alt–> or <
    Increase/Decrease kerning/tracking Alt–Right/Left Arrow
    Align text left/center/right Ctrl–Shift–L/C/R
    Fill selection with Background color Ctrl–Backspace
    Fill selection with Foreground color Alt–Backspace
    Fill selection with Foreground color using Lock Transparent Pixels Shift–Alt–Backspace
    Fill selection with source state in History panel Ctrl–Alt–Backspace
    Display Fill dialog box Shift–Backspace
    Sample as background color Alt–click w/Eyedropper tool
    To get Move tool While in any painting/editing tool, hold Ctrl
    To get Eyedropper with painting tools Alt
    Change paint opacity (with Airbrush OFF) Number keys
    Change paint opacity (with Airbrush ON) Shift–Number keys
    Change Airbrush flow (with Airbrush ON) Number keys
    Change Airbrush flow (with Airbrush OFF) Shift–Number keys
    To get Crosshair Cursor While in any painting/editing tool, turn Caps Lock on
    Decrease/Increase brush size [ or ]
    Decrease/Increase hardness of brush Shift–[ or Shift–]
    Switch between preset brushes < or >
    Open Brushes pop-up panel Right–click in image window
    Erase to History panel’s source state Alt–Eraser
    Cycle down or up through blend modes Shift–Plus(+) or Minus(–)
    Change to a specific blend mode Shift–Alt–letter (i.e.: N=Normal, M=Multiply, etc.)
    Create fixed color target from within a dialog box Shift–click in image window
    Delete fixed color target Alt–click on target with Color Sampler tool
    Create new Spot Color channel from current selection Ctrl–click on New Channel button in Channels panel
    Pen Tool & Paths
    To get Direct Selection tool while using Pen tool Ctrl
    Switch between Add Anchor and Delete Anchor Point tools Alt
    Switch from Path Selection tool to Convert Point tool when pointer is over anchor point Ctrl–Alt
    To select a whole path w/Direct Selection tool Alt–click
    Convert path to a selection Ctrl–click on path name (in Paths panel)
    Show/Hide Brushes panel F5
    Show/Hide Color panel F6
    Show/Hide Layers panel F7
    Show/Hide Info panel F8
    Show/Hide Actions panel Alt–F9
    Open Adobe Bridge Ctrl–Alt–O
    Miscellaneous Good Stuff
    Switch between open documents Ctrl–Tab
    Undo or Redo operations beyond last one Ctrl–Alt–Z/Ctrl–Shift–Z
    Reapply last filter used Ctrl–F
    Reapply last filter used, but display dialog box to alter settings Ctrl–Alt–F
    Temporarily switch to Hand tool Spacebar
    Reset dialog box Hold Alt, Cancel turns into Reset button, click it
    Increase/Decrease value (in any option field) by 1 unit Up/Down Arrow
    Increase/Decrease value (in any option field) by 10 units Shift–Up/Down Arrow
    Reapply last transformation Ctrl–Shift–T
    Measure angle between lines (Protractor function) After ruler is drawn, Alt–drag end of line with Ruler tool
    Move Crop/Selection marquee while creating Hold Spacebar while drawing
    Snap Guide to Ruler ticks Hold Shift while dragging
    Highlight fields in Options bar (n/a for all tools) Enter
    Don’t snap object edge while moving Hold Control while dragging
    V Move and Artboard tools
    M Marquee tools
    L Lasso tools
    W Quick Selection, Magic Wand
    C Crop and Slice Tools
    I Eyedropper, 3D Material Eyedropper, Color Sampler, Ruler, Note, Count
    J Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch, Content-Aware Move, Red Eye
    B Brush, Pencil, Color Replacement, Mixer Brush
    S Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp
    Y History Brush, Art History Brush
    E Eraser tools
    G Gradient, Paint Bucket, 3D Material Drop
    O Dodge, Burn, Sponge
    P Pen tools
    T Type tools
    A Path Selection, Direct Selection
    U Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, Custom Shape
    H Hand
    R Rotate View
    Z Zoom
    D Default colors
    X Switch Foreground and Background colors
    Q Quick Mask Mode
    To switch between all tools within groups, add the Shift key to the letters above
    For example, to switch between Rectangular and Elliptical marquee hit Shift–M

    Keyboard Shortcuts adobe photoshop are great, but our Photoshop classes and custom workbooks are the best way to take your skills to the next level!